Whale raises € 2.5 million to
boost knowledge sharing and employee training 

Co-founders of Whale Bram Billiet and Gary Vanbutsele

Belgian SaaS tech company Whale announced a 2.5 million euros raise from existing
investors Volta Ventures and Peak to allow companies to turn their process and SOP
documentation into a channel for employee training and growth. The funding follows the
company's strong annual growth (280%) and recent AI integration and will be used to
further innovate and expand in Europe and throughout the US, the latter of which
currently already accounts for over 70% of the company’s customer base.

When organizations begin to scale and new team members come on board, chaos often
ensues. Initially, the founder and founding team members may have relied on their own
knowledge, but as the business expands and important information goes undocumented, things
can start to fall apart. This leads to what's known as the "leaky bucket syndrome" where
valuable knowledge is lost due to ad-hoc or verbal communication. Enter Whale and its solution
which allows SMEs to create playbooks to train their teams.

Whale has been on a remarkable trajectory since launching in 2020 and has experienced
prolific year-on-year revenue growth of 280%. The company now boasts customers across 15
countries and a team that has grown five-fold.

Attracting Belgium’s top talent has been the team’s focus in order to deliver competitively in a
global market. “With the investment, we will be able to scale our team and continue to expand
on our product roadmap for SMEs and entrepreneurs,” says Gary Vanbutsele, CEO & Co-
Founder of Whale.

Documentation and employee training form a vital part of many business frameworks, such as
the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Like these frameworks, Whale’s mission is
helping businesses unlock the next level of growth.

“Whale commercially validated our investment thesis of delivering knowledge and training in the
flow of work. We are happy to support the team and fuel its product-led growth plan to render
onboarding and training digital and efficient across the globe,” says Koen De Waele, Venture Partner, Volta Ventures.

Stefan Bary, Partner at Peak, adds: “We have been intrigued by the growth the company has
already achieved with internal resources. That shows how many businesses feel the need for
Whale’s offering, which in turn results in a high engagement of customers with the platform.”

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