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How do I get in touch / a meeting with Volta Ventures?

Send us a presentation or executive summary on

We receive hundreds of emails per year from startups that want to meet with us. We’re definitely interested to hear from you but to get a meeting we first need to get a feel for your project. Include a presentation; executive summary or short business plan.

Concisely describe the problem you are looking to solve; your product; competitive positioning and differentiators; go to market; status (product; customers; KPI’s…); your team and how much money you are looking to raise. Don’t send us a 40-page business plan – we will not read it.

If this matches with our investment criteria then we will invite your for a first meeting.

If not, don’t despair; only one in three contacts results in a meeting … and there are probably other funding sources for your project.

What information should I put in my pitch deck?

In the following video GP Frank explains what he looks for in a pitch (in Dutch).

In case you don’t speak Dutch: a couple slides that explain the Problem, Solution, Market, Competition, Team, Traction, and Vision.

What kind of companies do you invest in?

B2B software startups that originated in the Benelux, from (pre-)seed to series A. Companies with recurring revenue models are in our sweet spot.

Do you invest in hardware?

It is often out of scope.

What are you looking for when investing in startups?

Volta invests into early-stage startups, also pre-revenue . We look for complimentary founding teams that have a significant amount of knowledge about the market they are active in, are passionate about the problem they solve, and strike the right balance between confident and coachable. We aim to invest in propositions that solve problems with new technologies in proven markets.

Do we sign NDA’s or Confidentiality Agreements before we meet?


We intend to stay a trusted party in the startup community. From the very start, all email, verbal discussions, and other information we receive from you is treated as confidential. We do not sign NDAs because this would limit our business opportunities and expose us to unnecessary legal issues. We receive so many business plans each year that taking the time and resources to review NDAs simply isn't productive. In the case of a conflict of interest (e.g. you send us a business idea that has some overlap with an existing or imminent investment) we will disclose this to you while respecting confidentiality.

If and when initial discussions and preliminary investigations result in a Letter of Intent / Interest or Term Sheet then they will include confidentiality clauses. As part of the due diligence process that starts after having signed these documents, we will expect to learn about your “secret sauce” and you should be protected for that.

Do you provide follow-on funding?

Yes we allocate a large portion of our capital to provide follow-on investments in the portfolio. We can go up to 7M per company, and have a large network of later stage funds that we work with to co-invest in our portfolio.

What is your investment process?

We like to move fast so you can focus on your business. Transparency is key for us, which makes that we are always very clear in our position and feedback.

In a first meeting we like to get to know the person behind the company, while confirming whether it is in our focus.

If we decide to look further, we have follow-up meetings to understand the business fully and dive deeper into specific aspects of it. At this stage, we will ask for data, and involve more people from our end.
Once we are convinced that this is an opportunity for us, we move towards a term sheet.

Are you hiring?

Currently we don’t have any openings.

Are any of your portfolio company’s hiring?

YES. Check out.

How do you work with your portfolio companies?

Committed: We don’t give up; startups are hard and so is venture capital. We are supportive in good times and bad.

Experience: Our extended team has international operating experience in software and actively helps you stay ahead.

Network: We help you with access to talent, markets, customers, peers, funding and everywhere else we can.
Future funding: We can provide follow on investment up to 7M per company, arrange further financing rounds and explore strategic options with you.

Fast & Nimble: We move quickly so you can focus on running your business. Our portfolio companies are our best reference, feel free to reach out and ask about us.

Logo of Volta Ventures, Venture Capital Firm in the Benelux with offices in Amsterdam and Gent
Venture Capital Fund


Gebroeders Vandeveldestraat 68, 9000 Gent
Rouaanse Kaai 1, 2000 Antwerp 

The Netherlands

Herengracht 236, 1016 BT Amsterdam
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