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Seed and early-stage Venture Capital for software startups in the Benelux

Initial Investments
€100M to invest
Amsterdam & Gent based
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Photo de Thomas Lapelaars, Founder and CEO de Nodalview
Thomas Lepelaars
Founder & CEO, Nodalview

What founders say about us

"I was looking for people that would guide me, without pressuring me to get results. Someone that brings energy and has trust and faith in us. That’s where we have a fantastic fit with Volta."
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We want to guide and empower you to leave your legacies. With many different ways to start and grow a business, Volta Ventures helps guide your way.

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Team of Volta Ventures, the #1 Venture Capital Firm in the Benelux
Logo of Volta Ventures, Venture Capital Firm in the Benelux with offices in Amsterdam and Gent
Venture Capital Fund


Gebroeders Vandeveldestraat 68, 9000 Gent

The Netherlands

Herengracht 236, 1016 BT Amsterdam
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