Volta Ventures (Amsterdam Capital House '22) - Roadmap to Exit

Did you know you could be left with no money at all at the moment of exit if you don't keep an eye on your terms during your Roadmap to Exit!? 

How is it possible that those who owned common stock didn’t make any money one might ask?

The explanation: some shareholders have a priority right on any proceeds out of a sale, merger, or liquidation of the Company.

In this session we dive deep into the above, and many other drivers such as:

  • The mindset and incentive structures of the different stakeholders involved and how you can align these stakeholders as a founder.
  • The importance of thinking about life after exit as a founder.
  • The importance of Optionality, make sure your are not dependent on one buyer.
  • The strong base for an exit will be driven by running a structured process. Don't try to run the business and the exit process at the same time.
  • The role of your investors to analyse the different exit options, when they arise.
  • How having an IPO in mind will create the exit readiness one needs.
  • The differences between early and late-stage exits.

and a lot more...

Volta Ventures organised a panel talk on the importance of the Roadmap to Exit during the Amsterdam Capital House '22.

It was a pleasure to speak alongside such seasoned investors and founders on the importance of aligning stakeholders to the impact of liquidation preferences on a founder's exit. 

Thank you Natasha Jones (Octopus Ventures), Lorenzo Franzi (Global Founders Capital), Robert Verwaayen (Keen Venture Partners), Ronald Kemmeren (HPE Growth), as well as founders Jolanda Degen and Marleen Evertsz for joining us!

If you are an ambitious founder looking for funding do not hesitate to reach out, and check out our FAQ


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