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Venture Capital Belgium is growing. Through our venture capital funds, we invest in promising businesses to help their business trajectory.

Venture Capital Firm in Belgium

With more than 7 years of experience in Volta, and 50+ years of combined experience before, we’re a leading venture capital firm in Belgium, being one of the top seed and early stage investors. With Volta we’ve invested over € 40M, supporting almost 30 startups and management teams across Belgium and the greater Benelux region.
Venture capital Belgium has grown as a funding source since the early 2010's, positively contributing to the expansion of the technology industry and its respective sectors. As part of this contribution, our team of expert venture capital partners and associates in Belgium extend our support to internet and software companies in the Benelux region.

Venture Capital in Belgium

Volta Ventures has a well-respected reputation of investing in future pioneering companies. Among many other promising Belgian-based companies, we've invested in Nodalview, Keyrock, Cashforce, and Sentiance. Known for our commitment to investing during the early stages of funding rounds, we've strategically helped company founders, partner investors and management teams within the extended Benelux region to develop prosperous businesses.

Our esteemed name as a venture capital firm in Belgium is thanks to our expert investment partners and associates who manage our investment portfolios. Since venture capital focuses on investing in companies who are in the very early stages of their lifecycle, it’s greatly important to have a team of experienced managing and venture partners who are highly skilled in taking care of the venture capital fund.

Venture Capital

VC in Belgium

Venture capital in Gent

As with any service sector, there's some basics to understand about venture capital before diving deeper into how VC works in specific countries or regions.

In most cases, companies who are starting out do not have the means to start as a publicly-listed company, so they turn to private investors. Venture capital is the term used to refer to private capital investments (venture funding) being made in private companies, for example, companies not listed on the stock exchange.

Important to remember is that, traditionally, the venture capital firm operates as a limited partner. The general structure goes that investors are limited partners and the venture capitalists who make the investments & manage the funds are the general partners.

Explained in simple terms, venture capital firms raise the funds needed to invest in companies by opening a venture fund and securing commitments from limited partners. The costs of the venture capital fund is generally covered by the fund itself. However, in some cases the venture capital fund receives a fee from the investee company for services rendered or as a member of the board of directors.

Each venture capital firm will decide their own structure and how they choose to work alongside investors and the companies being invested in.
Belgium has become an ideal place for venture capital partners and startups to collaborate on business growth. This comes after the increased interest modern investors show startups. With this notion, venture funding is a valuable alternative investment type for those looking to get their ideas off the ground, turn them into working businesses and grow further. In this regard, venture capital in Belgium and Belgian-based companies have experienced great success in terms of achieving transformative growth.

With the technology industry being one of the most active when it comes to alternative funding, Volta Ventures is backing companies that operate in the SaaS and other respective tech sectors to achieve their greatest potential. As the tech scene in Belgium is gaining momentum, we expect to see the Belgian technology industry accelerate its growth over the coming years. Especially with the presence of venture capital partners being involved in identifying lucrative tech investment opportunities.

Since the early 2010’s, fundraising by venture capital partners in Belgium has stayed relatively stable. Next to this, the promotion of entrepreneurial development and innovation has had a positive impact on venture capital in Belgium. With no recent regulatory changes affecting Belgian-based venture capital firms, the industry is continuing to progress uninterruptedly.
The structure of a venture capital fund has control over how investments are made, for example, regional funds that only invest in specific geographical areas. 

With our venture capital firm operating from Gent, we have a specific interest in the Benelux region, however, we're not limited to only this location.

Why choose our VC firm in Belgium

We are committed to creating a positive impact within Belgium's SaaS sector, and that of the extended region, by offering venture funding to startups and internet & software companies who are in need of seed and early stage venture capital. With us as your venture partner, we aim to foster strategic collaborations that support your business growth trajectory.

Our team of venture capital partners support startups in Belgium and the wider Benelux region, helping them to reach their full potential as future pioneering companies. In this, we've helped to develop some of the area's fastest growing companies. Take a look:
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Team of Volta Ventures, Venture Capital Firm in Belgium

Our location

Back in 2014, Volta Ventures started as a fund in Gent, Belgium. From here, we grew into the leading venture
capital company
we are today.

Since our founding days, Gent has been home to our headquarters in Belgium. Located close to the Dutch border, both our local Belgian clients and global partners are able to reach us without hassle. Our office sits just outside Gent’s lively shopping district, bringing a fresh energy to the office. Not to mention, our prime location means we’re easily reachable via public transport or by taking a scenic walk from either Gent-Sint-Pieters station or Gent-Dampoort station.

Gent-Sint-Pieters station - 28 minutes walkin 
Gent-Dampoort station - 31 minutes walking
Tram, Gent Oude Houtlei - less than a minute walking 
Tram , Gent Zonnestraat - 4 minutes walking

Logo of Volta Ventures, Venture Capital Firm in the Benelux with offices in Amsterdam and Gent
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Gebroeders Vandeveldestraat 68, 9000 Gent
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The Netherlands

Herengracht 236, 1016 BT Amsterdam
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