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Venture Capital Amsterdam is growing. Through our venture capital funds, we invest in promising businesses to help their business trajectory.

Venture Capital Firm in Amsterdam

The Volta team holds more than 50 years of combined investment experience, making us a leading venture capital
firm in the Netherlands and extended Benelux region. The extensive knowledge our partners and associates hold has greatly contributed to the success of our investment strategies, the benefits of which those we invest in enjoy.
Amsterdam, known for its traditional Dutch houses and canals, is also the focal point of Dutch venture capital. The city is an innovation hub, making it a wildly attractive setting for both locals and internationals looking to startup in the technology industry and its respective sectors. To further enable the development of key technologies in the country, our team of expert venture capital partners and associates in Amsterdam extend our support to internet and software companies across the Netherlands.

Venture Capital Firm in the Netherlands

Volta Ventures has a well-respected reputation of investing seed and early stage venture capital in promising internet and software companies in the Netherlands. Among other promising Netherlands-based companies, we've invested in include AxonIQ, Sprinque, Blanco and Scailable. Since we invest during the early stages of funding rounds, we've strategically helped company founders, partner investors and management teams in and around Amsterdam to develop prosperous businesses.

Thanks to our expert venture capital partners and associates who manage our investment portfolios, we've grown into the position of being an esteemed venture capital firm in Amsterdam. Since venture capital focuses on investing in companies who are in the very early stages of their lifecycle, it’s greatly important to have a team of experienced managing and venture partners who are highly skilled in taking care of the venture capital fund.

Introduction to Venture Capital

Before we take a closer look at the current status of venture capital in the Netherlands, there's a few basics to mention about VC. There are plenty of market needs that startup companies aim to offer solutions for. In order to innovate and create solutions, funding is needed. This is where venture capital (VC) firms come into play. 'Venture capital' is the term used to refer to private capital investments (venture funding) being made in private companies, for example, companies not listed on the stock exchange.

The general structure of a VC firm goes that investors are limited partners and the venture capitalists who make the investments & manage the funds are the general partners. In other words, venture capital firms raise the funds needed to invest in companies by opening a venture fund and securing commitments from limited partners. The costs of the venture capital fund is generally covered by the fund itself. However, in some cases the venture capital fund receives a fee from the investee company for services rendered or as a member of the board of directors. This being said, each venture capital firm in the Netherlands will decide their own structure and how they choose to work alongside investors and the companies being invested in.

Venture Capital in the Netherlands

Venture Capital Amsterdam

Venture Capital in Amsterdam

The Netherlands has long been interested in supporting venture capital. Due to the open mind the country holds towards alternative investment opportunities, the Netherlands continues to grow as a lucrative setting for venture capitalists.

The country is not only highly multilingual (prominently Dutch and English) - making business a lot easier in terms of language, but also offers easy access to the French, German and Belgian markets.

Due to the Netherlands’ healthy and highly connected startup ecosystem, a physical location in the Netherlands also fosters relationships that can accelerate the global ambitions of startups and VCs alike.
Venture Capital in Amsterdam became a key enabler of tech startups and corporates in the 21st century. As such, the city became attractive for VC firms. With Dutch ingenuity in multiple sectors of the technology industry, of which SaaS is prominent, the Netherlands has become a global pioneer for innovative technologies that will shape the future. Due to this, Amsterdam is the city where venture capital firms looking to invest in smarter, tech driven futures are found.
Venture Capital in Amsterdam, as an industry, is already considered to be among the most prominent in Europe, making it easy to understand why many VCs are eager to have boots on the ground in the Dutch capital. Not to mention, Amsterdam regularly ranks between 5th and 8th position in Europe for VC funding in any given year.

Why choose our VC firm in Amsterdam

Our team of venture capital partners support startups in the Netherland and the wider Benelux region, helping them to reach their full potential as future pioneering companies. In this, we've helped to develop some of the region’s fastest growing companies.

Here’s one example of how we implemented our venture capital services in the Netherlands - we've invested in the Amsterdam-headquartered fintech, Sprinque. The company creates seamless digital checkout infrastructure (SaaS) in order to make business transactions as seamless as possible. "B2B payments is a challenging problem to solve, we feel the experience the team brings and the early traction they have shown makes for a great combination able to tackle the problem.” - Sander Vonk, Partner at Volta Ventures.

Next to this, we believe in human capital investment and aim to assist tech-minded startups with talent acquisition. This is why we work proactively in helping our clients grow faster by addressing human capital at an early stage.
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Our location

Close to central station, Amsterdam Centrum is a buzzing neighbourhood - run with lively bars, corner cafés and laid-back restaurants. Due to the great selection of hotels, hubs and co-working offices in the area, you can easily spot the eager businessman or woman on their way to work in the morning - pausing to get freshly baked treats and coffee from the local vendors.

Our office is located just a 15 minute walk from Amsterdam Centraal, right by the picturesque Herengracht canal - the second of four Amsterdam canals belonging to the canal belt. On a rainy day, our office can be reached by taking the tram to Paleisstraat, from here you only need to walk a short 5 minutes.
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