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    Sentiance is a data science company turning IOT sensor data into rich insights about people’s behavior and real-time context. These insights enable companies to understand how customers go through their everyday lives, discover and anticipate the moments that matter most, and adapt their engagement to real-world behavior and real-time context. Sentiance context intelligence enables solutions for lifestyle based insurance, contextual marketing & commerce, smart mobility, connected health, smart home, smart city and connected car.



    Toon Vanparys


    SweepBright provides the mobile solution enabling you to work and stay on the move at all times and save you a tremendous amount of time. Create your listings on location in a few minutes and eliminate redundant data input. Publish your listing to property portals, social media, and on your own website with the push of a button so that it can hit the market in seconds instead of days.




    Raphael Bochner


    FibriCheck is a medically certified screening and monitoring application on prescription for the detection of irregular heart rhythms, including atrial fibrillation. FibriCheck is a software-only solution that only requires the user to place his/her finger on the camera of the smartphone to measure the cardiac rhythm anywhere and anytime. All the information is automatically shared with a medical professional in order to get a faster diagnosis, resulting in an adequate treatment plan.



    Lars Grieten


    Cashforce allows you to accurately forecast your incoming and outgoing cash flows by combining imported bank balances, real-time data from your ERP, as well as recurring cash flows (e.g. leasing costs, insurance costs, loans, salaries…) managed inside the platform. By doing so, you will be able to detect any cash shortages or surpluses ahead of time. In addition, Cashforce enables you to easily forecast multiple companies, bank accounts and in multiple currencies. Finally, you’ll get a complete & transparent view on your intercompany cash flows.



    Nicolas Christiaen


    Vamp gives you all the tools to release, control and optimize your containerised apps on cloud native platforms. Release fast and often without service disruptions with Vamp's gradual rollouts and upgrades. Don’t trust your gut, trust the data. Vamp's built-in health monitoring instantly reacts to increases in traffic or error situations. Run Vamp on any cloud or on-prem. Vamp integrates with all major cloud and container suppliers.



    Nico Vierhout


    CHILI Publisher is an online editing solution that packs the wallop of a professional layout tool into your solution. It integrates easily into your existing web portal and is fully customizable to match both your brand and your users’ editing needs. CHILI rendro is an online PDF and 3D viewing SDK, allowing users everywhere to truly render a PDF in full. Any time. Any solution. Parse, stream, dream. The ultimate PDF experience.



    Kevin Goeminne


    AxonIQ B.V. is based in Amsterdam and was founded in 2017 by a team of super techies to focus almost exclusively on development and support for AxonIQ. AxonIQ is a Microservices communication platform for building event-driven, distributed and highly dynamic applications. The Axon Framework is an open source Java platform solving common application complexity to enable developers to focus on the essence of business problems.





    Jeroen Speekenbrink


    The EcoChain application gives people the technology to understand and focus on sustainability. With EcoChain, companies can make more sustainable products, and more quickly. Tomorrow's profitable companies are the companies who are taking action with EcoChain today. The revolutionary EcoChain application is the result of EcoChain's method of 'Activity-Based Footprinting' (ABF). The software takes the data input on energy and materials used, then shows your use at the company level, then by process and product. This is a top-down approach instead of the classic bottom-up one, and you'll be surprised at the results!



    Yields.io offers automated model monitoring and validation services to the financial sector, identifying issues in algorithms and turning them into actionable business insights. The solution provides C-level executives with a real-time comprehensive overview of all model risk across the enterprise, bringing transparency to the highly specialized field of mathematical modeling. Simultaneously it empowers the quantitative teams with a solution to shorten the development cycle and address new business opportunities more quickly. In order to comply with increasingly strict ECB requirements related to the use of mathematical models, several Tier 1 investment banks are already piloting Yields.io’s platform.



    Jos Gheerardyn


    Qualifio is Europe’s most powerful online platform to engage digital audiences and collect data by creating and publishing viral interactions on websites, mobile apps and social media. Qualifio is used by more than 400 leading brands and media across Europe, including Kinepolis, FC Barcelona, Carrefour, L’Oréal, Decathlon, VRT and TF1. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in Belgium.



    Olivier Simonis


    Keyrock combines in-house algorithmic trading bots, high frequency trading infrastructure and industry expertise to supply market making and liquidity services to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They aim at building a more efficient, stable and accessible market.



    Juan David, Jeremy De Groodt &

    Kevin de Patoul

    Blanco offers an integrated digital solution for wealth and asset managers, starting at the intake of the client and the subsequent client profile, which serves as the front portal of the wealth & asset manager. On top of this Blanco offers a portfolio management module which further enhances the risk management.



    Joost Walgemoed


    BITA is building the world's most technologically advanced index platform. Our cloud-based infrastructure leverages the latest technologies to deliver passive strategies faster and more flexibly than any other indexation solution. Their infrastructure has been designed to outperform any other existing solution in terms of speed and flexibility. From ultra fast data processing, to intuitive index construction through a broad rule library and simple rule coding, building innovative passive solutions has never been easier.



    Victor Hugo Gomez


    Capture your audience by shooting stunning HDR pictures or immersive 360° panoramas of your properties with your smartphone. Boost your visibility on social media and real estate platforms in one click. Professional quality that rivals traditional DSLRs at a fraction of the price.






    Thomas Lepelaars



    Wizata is an open architecture platform that empowers engineers to optimize and automate the production process with AI in real time. The Wizata platform is being used by leading companies in the materials sectors to autonomously build and deploy AI directly on their production lines, while keeping data, models and IP under their exclusive control.

    Wizata customers use less resources, at improved quality and yield, while reducing downtimes and energy costs.





    CEO Wizata

    Jean-Philippe Hugo